Tooth Extractions in Brandon
During a tooth extraction in Brandon, FL, Dr. Hunt removes the anchored tooth from the root and from the patient’s mouth. Having a tooth removed or pulled is necessary when the teeth are crowded, trauma has happened to the tooth/teeth, decay is present, infections have taken over the tooth, gum disease is evidenced, and for wisdom teeth that could cause problems.

How do dentists pull a tooth out?
Brandon, FL Dentist Dr. Hunt performs simple extractions and/or a surgical extractions. A simple extraction is used when the tooth is visible and easily accessible by Dr. Hunt. The procedure is started by numbing the area with an anesthetic. Dr. Hunt then will then need to open the patient’s mouth by using what is called an elevator which is followed by the dentist using an extraction forcep to remove the tooth. Once the tooth has been safely removed, Dr. Hunt will clean out the tooth socket, remove bone and tissue, compress the socket to reshape the jawbone, manage any bleeding, and the close the open space.

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Our Dental Services in Brandon

Dental Services

Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with a personalized service and top-quality dental care you deserve to restore, enhance, and preserve the natural beauty of your smile. We can’t wait to introduce you to the great oral health, superior care, and beautiful smile you’ve been waiting for, and we know that our fantastic customer service will make you recommend us to your friends!

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Preventative Care

A preventive dental program is a cooperative effort between you and Hunt Family Dental. We’re here to help keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy by preventing tooth decay, gum disease and other oral health issues.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is dentistry aimed at creating a positive change to your teeth and to your smile.

Smile enhancement can have dramatic results on your overall appearance; even the smallest step can boost your confidence, self-esteem, and make you want to smile more. Our modern cosmetic dentistry services range from a basic color correction to replacing missing teeth, and everything in between.

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These services include procedures to restore teeth and esthetic treatments to help patients’ teeth appear attractive and healthy. More specifically, prosthodontic procedures can be very helpful after tooth loss due to age, decay, or traumatic injury. Additionally, cosmetic treatments like tooth whitening, veneers, and bonding fall into the category of prosthodontics.

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